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By Mr. Sheikh

Whatever Your little heart desires, more buckets of money, High paying clients, love of your life, raving-fans like customers, vacation in Hawaii Islands or setting your own work hours.

Has alway been right in front of your eyes...( And I’m not Just Sayin’ that)

It all started, In the summers of 2014, when I was pursuing my Bsc(hons.) in Industrial chemistry from a local university and, by the time I finished my third semester.

I was so fed up that I literally would do anything…….to drop out, and start my own business even after so I inherit a retail family business.

Back then…

I just wanted to know what’s like to start something of your own from scratch !

As, I was looking something to finally hook my heart into,

I asked myself –“Why not start something related to my studies?”

So even if, somehow I FAIL, I still will complete my studies. Get my degree and a well equipped business experience.

Uptill this phase you must be wondering – “WOOOAH ! this dude made a smart move…”


But HOLD ON YOUR HORSES, you don’t know what happened next…

So I invested 1000$ with a credit line of 3000$ and learned everything I could get my hands on perfume manufacturing and synthesis.

And launched my first business “perfume manufacturing” from scratch ( Keep reading)



Everything,that you been taught is a lie !

Imagine this scenario…There is a one guy who never been to school, learned everything by himself and…

from those who are still in the game of marketing/sales…and actually doing it.

And then here’s another guy — who got the Best schooling of all time, did his masters in marketing from some prestigious, expensive, top-notch university…

Which one do you think, has more probability of failing in business faster?

Well, you might think of the former one but No, It is the latter one ( the university guy) …who’s gonna fail.

The one who learned from real marketers and real business men, will achieve mastery in business faster and will not loose…

( I know this coz I’ve been In both environments)


The people, teaching in university about marketing or any other subject that involves practical application, never been into business or done any practical themselves

And all they teach you is bookish knowledge than practical knowledge.

You can mug up, gobble down up all the chemical reactions written in chemistry books…

BUT to show the actual results in front of an old haggard, wrinkled faced, pig headed examiner ….that you never met in your life

Examiner that can threatened you like a poor ugly …bitch…( **some old flashes of memories**) you got to show her practical results which is pretty different than writing the formulas on white paper.


Now this doesn’t mean I hate my teachers and every other who are teaching students in universities. I Love them.

In fact, If one of my chemistry teachers, didn’t helped me out when I started. I wouldn’t be here telling you all this !!

I just can’t roll-up my head on “You need MBA to do business” propaganda… or you will sell magazines in stalls, down on streets…

While your friends will drive  expensive cars and their vacations in a bora bora island. If you don’t bring good grades.

It’s criminal. How we’ve been taught this lie, our whole life…untill reality hit us.

I started this website, to only share and give that I only do and practice myself.

And If A 22 year old boy like me can do this ? then, you can too.



What I Know ?

( a.k.a The Path Of Enlightenment !)

So, first thing first..

#Business is all about margins and not about volume: The business of perfumery involves the game of perception and not the game of pricing.(This is why I got into Perfume manufacturing.)

People spend huge money on perfumes not because perfumes are expensive. It’s because People perceive perfumes to be expensive and exclusive. (Read the Line Again)

So, I knew from the beginning that, I will  recoup my investment easily because of high profit margins. Even If I fail.

There’s a old wise saying “Smart People Always Cover Their Ass” 


#Immense Passion: The reason I failed my business. Not, because I don’t know how to sell.

The only reason, I failed this first business of mine is only, because I lost my passion in this business.You got to be passionate at what you do and how you do.

Because, In the end, it’s Your passion which will make you to move forward, when things take U-turn.


#It takes money to make money:

Write this down on paper, get a tattoo on your body, scribble them on your walls — IT TAKES MONEY TO MAKE MONEY —

People specially in Online Business think, they can make money fast with least investments. Hosting sites, paying to content writers, tracking softwares,cross-platforming is going to take money out of your pocket.


#Know How to sell:
There’s only thing that I can do even in coma- “selling”.

The people who are successful and financially independent today know how to sell, and this is the only thing we are not taught in schools “marketing and selling”.

What I do… Now ?

The Reason Why I started, this website is — to give my readers and my hunkstreetians, 

The most fascinating and truly practical stuff so they can increase their business with ease, so they could live the life of less worries. 

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