Awful Twitter Deleters …

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21 July 2019

by Mr. Sheikh Abdullah

You won’t belive this - but people who delete their tweets, Murder their sales registers –

A little couple of minutes ago, Your frat boy was surfing the surfboard on his twitter feed.

And, as you, know.
I love to convert everything into this dramatic,exciting stuff information.

I found. a little mouse who has “Consulant’s consultant” as his BIO, as he is some macho-man at 23 .

Made a tweet. something interesting.

The tweet was about - why commenting something negative, will stir up the emotion in your favourite celebrity and how,

he or she will eventually comment or reply to your tweet.. thus

You’ll get more engagement.

Which I think, it’s a parasitic way to grow your followings.

It’s okay and sometimes right, to say what you have in your mind, because people do like people who have their own voice..

but delebrately attacking people and pushing negativity is not a godly way to live a life.

Which was NOT this guy was trying to push or teaching his audience.

Anyways, getting back to tweet.

The minute I saw this tweet, my eyes, wide oppenned and my shameless evil brain started to wonder how to retweet this, to show my audience.(with a laughing evil laugh on the face)

And finnally - I made.

“How to trigger ‘twitter gurus’ to reply on your tweets”

Pretty good retweet with a comment. Huhh?

Now How can’t it get more attention of people, on twitter.
And most important, if this guy only, retweeted it again - it would’ve got him more attention, as I’ve straightenned his copy a little bit.

But, this guy. You won’t believe it what he did.

He DELETED his original tweet.
Why ?

Because he is a phoney, mush cookie. Who thinks deleting is the best way to erase something.

And, this is exactly kind of people who loose sales.

Writing and then deleting something makes You see as –
“An Irresponsible Untrustworthy… Prick”

And. Moreover, your target audience also gets little bit cringy to buy your products or services.. next time.

As they don’t seems to trust your anymore mommy.

Just stop deleting your stuff. I’m telling you with experience.
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