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A Personal Message From Sheikh Abdullah,

Hey. I have been watching and observing Stefan James from a very long time ago. Yes, Longer than I was myself in online business.

And this man was kicking ass everywhere. Infact, I don’t think there is someone better than Stefan james who can teach you how to create a new cashflow using simple ebooks.

Because he himself does this !

Yes. YOU know I don’t do ebooks. I run newsletters. My business is a little more sophisticated than this. But the principles is same.

In fact once you master this Art which stefan will teach you about. You can use his stuff and my stuff ( which I am giving away as a BONUS) and merged it together to sell your own books to your email list or even to your social media audiences thus quadrupling your sales…

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  1. In this Back Issue I talked about a “BAIT n PLUG” technique which Tai Lopez himself uses and USE to sell his products ONLINE.
  2. At first when I realized and saw the subtleness of this technique. It just blown me AWAY !

In fact. the way, Tai uses this technique in his Videos, can also be copied and DUPLICATED* in any form of media and can be easily applied on any form of content. whether Audio, Video or text. ( yes, even in your emails)

And can be used, to sell any type of products – Your Own Ebooks, Whole Coaching Programs, Affiliate Products etc etc.

To make the matter worse. I even gave an example in the BACK ISSUE with a complete step by step how to use this “Bait n’ Plug” persuasion technique in your emails.

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