The Game Of Sapply and Demaand !?#

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Dear Friend, 

Back in the days, of My schooling,.

I was a dumb little doochebag who pissed so many teachers. I mean no matter how hard they try — I just don’t study.

Even my mother got fed-up with me, and left the responsibility to  make me-prepare for the  exam from 6th grade.

So she left and said — “Now it’s time you Yourself prepare for your exams… ”

Yeah, time to be A Man!!

It was one of the most few Joyful moments of my life.

I felt like,  I am the king of My Own Jungle — As If I am Dumbeldore of Thor of Asguard ..Asgaard** And I remember, I didn’t open a single book untill my half-yearlies.

Yes,  that takes lot of guts.. when you try to cope up with every, student every teachet.. even with my parents. Who were worried that what’s gonna happen If I got Fail ?

Listen : I understand I was douchebag ( I am a douchebad evn now** Ywaah How Weird is that) But, the only reason,  why I didn’t paid attention to ma schul studies is only due to Supply And Demand..

There was hell lot of supply of From My teachers to make me STUDY.. But there was no demand from my side.

And this is what Most entrepreneurs , crack up in their business.

This Law of Supply and Demand Work in all phases of our life.

From Relationship to Business.  Everywhere.

You need to understand — Where is supply and where is demand.

You need to find, does marketplace really gives a damn about the supply you are giving ..


It’s Bullshit, If your customers are asking you to give them X.

While You are like — “Hell No I am gonna give you Y”


You see,  theres no connection. between Your Products and the Demand your end consumer has.

And the only way,  You are able to find out, when You know how to connect with people and talk with them. Yes,  I am Talking about Market Research.


Finding How many people search “Wine” on Google is not a market research. Because you dont know how many are BUYERS among  them.

You got to find How Many People are Actually wanna BUY Your Product…

Anyways,  Got to go now,



Always Yours,
Mr. Sheikh
(The Teacher’s Headache)


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The Shittiest marketing lesson ever!

Dad So Much Junk in Here!


Dear hunkstreetian,

Time: 1:27 AM

Back in the days, I was banging my head on how to start a business.

I stumbled many hurdles and made. so many mistakes along the way.

And learned some of the most, creepiest lesson taught in biz books

For say,

Here’ the rattles head definition about marketing swiping directly from Wikipedia:-

“Marketing is defined by the American Marketing Association as “the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.”[4]

The term developed from the original meaning which referred literally to going to market with goods for sale.

From a sales process engineering perspective,

marketing is “a set of processes that are interconnected and interdependent with other functions” of a business aimed at achieving customer interest and satisfaction.”

– Wikipedia


Bla bla bla endless, dumb head industrial jargons..

And this definition is kind of ONLY Half-right.

Because the type of marketing that, i learned from my marketers is totally different what’s been jolted in the b-books.

The only thing I found very coooool thing in the definition is “Relationship”

And how ironical is. most people..I mean not most….MAJORITIES focus on brand building and making the noise..

They focus on creating content.they focus on making 100s of tweets they cold call. they do this and they do that.

Listen up — what’s the point of doing all of the things. If you are not making any sales.

And what’s worse is, you cannot make a sale, wont be able to pitch your products and noone WILL EVER GONNA BUY FROM. YOU untill you correct this thing.

All those making noise on social media, all those little tweets tweets tweets..will be useless, if you mess this little thing up.

And this is what. Most people don’t. know. And tis is what they never teach in schools.

Here’s something that can help you.

It’s a good product. I strongly recommend you (at-least) take a. Look SEE HERE

Even when, you don’t want to own this very. stuff –Today.


Always Yours,
Mr. Sheikh
(Waiting For Infinity War)


P.S. Nothing will work, If YOU Don’t !


How to Build Email List from ground zero

Dear Hunkstreetian,

Time: 12:42 PM

Before. I share some profound strategy to build your email list like VERY FAST {even if you’re at ground zero}…

Here’s something I got my eyes on youtube 23 sec ago.

A goo-rooe teaching, some terrible way to sell products online . Aint gonna name “him” . But,

This Guru was actually telling how you can make moolah by promoting clickbank products “Without” having a website.

Now the guru shot up some really terrific information in the video, which can only lure newbies or those who got shiny objects.

But listen up,

I don’t know. when Youtube is gonna block these fakeprenuers –“SELF PROCLAIMED GURUS” and take down their videos.

because the stuff,he was sharing got a big GIANT hole. In it.

This is why, you need to pay attention here, And be serious. when it comes to the game of business especially. when you are building your email list.

Your first job is to give 100 possible reason to these freebee hunters-medicority mind, money-cravers, silver syndrome pricks…. NOT-to get on your list.

They are gonna suck up your energy like a giant HORRIBLE vacuum .


You will make more money by having only 50 people on your email list, Who read your stuff daily, take the action and even buy product you recommend. Than having these 1000 energy suckers.

And believe me, If these freebeee hunters got on your email list. even by accident..they(*freebees hunters) are REALLY gonna bitch abut you on reddit

Why ?

Because they are looking for fast way to become rich.

They wanna be rich like next morning.

Yeah “moolaah mooolah everywhere !!!”


These freebee hunters, — actually play in a very different state of mind. where people like you and me won’t… even breathe properly.

They think they can become rich by without investing in their knowledge.

So, while building your email list—you got to make, a little difficult for people to opt-in.

You got to throw-up a challenge. because it qualifies your visitors .
And now. as you have qualified your visitor?

It’s time, to build your email list ….


How to Build Your Email-List by Leveraging Goo-roes [part -2]


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