How to Build Your Email-List by Leveraging Goo-roes [part -2]

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IF you are comming here after reading :- How to Build Your Email-List by Leveraging Goo-roes [PART 1]

Then, I recommend , you bookmark this whole page and come after 3 to 5 minutes of filling your lungs with fresh air..

Because I am really going deep today..

Go and do it. I will wait for you here..

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Here’s my first lesson for you…

The only reason why most people, cry about not getting customers/clients/ or buyers in their business..

Is only when they jump from one strategy to another.

YES. Master of One is a way lot more easier than BEING Jack of All trades.

Just look up Ramit sethi. he is cashing millions and millions, using just one strategy for his blog.

I remember, when I started out. I was jumping from one place to another, like a freakin’ frog splashing the HOT boiling water. But in the end, all left me TIRED and hopeless.

So, if you don’t want to brutally MURDER your business, then Stick to The ONE SINGLE Strategy,

And keep doing it, Until, it stops working for you.

And the very best way, to build your own customers base … your email list
FOR you (not for me– I am a copywriter. So i can easily run lead generation campaign)

But, for non copywriters like you. Who are just common reader like my father and sister, who just want to achieve something, and change their life and make their family proud, enemies pissed !

These Two Strategies will build your email list VERY FAST and will do great for you– GUEST POSTING and RUNNING BANNER ADS


Now, don’t pull me into, whether, BANNER ads works in 2019 or how many subscribers will I get from Running BANNER

There are wayyyy lot more experienced guys (THAN ME), in internet marketing industry, who can help you these both techniques.


But, I am going to pave a road for you, so you could TAKE ACTION right today


There are thousands and thouands of blogs looking for people like us. Who need a differnt voice for their readers.

They are desperately looking for people like us. You just need to follow where they are.

And email them “That you are very interested in doing a guest post for them. And Then Politely ask them — “When they will be ready to talk about it..” or “Will They need more information before getting on the phone?”

Remember, As much as, you want them for your own business, they also WANT you for their own business. They are just skeptical whether,…

Bringing you on their blog as a guest contributor, would be GREAT or not ! ( and Yes, there’s a way to convince them.)

How to Run BANNER ADS ? ( What’s banner ads —- The little third party banner you see sometimes on website’s side bar)

Running banner ads, is the most easiest thing and SECOND MOST FASTEST WAY . But it takes, Money and you need to cleverly, calculate every dime you spent, so you could (at least) get your lead generation expenses covered.

It takes, Years of experience. and A certain Cashflow to test which banner ads works and which doesn’t..

So, if you are still an average online marketer or you are just starting out.

I would recommend that you stick only to GUEST POSTING..


Will catch You later.

Stay high

Always Yours,
Mr. Sheikh
The Email Cranker

P.S. By, the way. If you are terrible at talking with people or connecting with them ?

Here’s a very cool stuff, which will definitely solve your problem.

No one (especially big blogers) who receive a ton and ton of traffic on their website, are not going to reply you,

If YOU mess this little thing..

You need to learn what to say, to them and How to say to them..Because They are used to, of seeing the shittiest sales pitch on internet.

There are many shitiest Pitch EVEN in my SPAM folders.  Something like :

“Mr. Sheikh I want to talk to you something very important.”

“Mr. Sheikh I can bring more engagement on your website. Ask me How”

Etc etc..

If you are planning to send these type of emails to grab some hands on guest posts, Or if you are going to, ask these type of things when they get, on phone with you.. Grrrrr…

Please don’t..

Here’s something that can speed-up your process and will help you in connecting with most bloggers VERY FAST ==>>


How to Build Your Email-List by Leveraging Goo-roes [PART 1]

Dear Hunkstreetian,

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One of the most incredible lessons, In the Robert Kiyosaki’s books “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, is what, he talked about how rich people leverage things, and they buy other people times..

“The most important word in the world of money is cash flow. The second most important word is leverage.”

If you are Online biz owner, or a Professional.

Then listen to this:
LEVERAGE is a giant wheel to Maximize Profits


But, You have to learn how to leverage other people time AND other people experience,for your own advantage, 

You see, Leveraging is an art.

 And it takes time to master leveraging, one thing at a time. Because, Leverage demands skills.

Some people are good at leveraging real estates to give them cash-flow, Some are great at leveraging, stock market. 

Some people are very good at speaking, so Instead of starting their own podcasts, they leverage other’s people Podcasts to pitch their products and services.

You see, It takes skills.

You cannot leverage, social media, if you don’t know how to make tweets, or what kind of hastags to use or which type of heading on your next article to use, that will hook people into reading your stuff.

It all takes SKILSS.

And theres only one way to learn all this ..

It’s when you invest in yourself. When you invest in yourself AND in things which other people overlook.

When You leverage other people’s time, their knowledge and, their experiences.

Then whatever you do, it turns into GOLD.

Eleanor Roosevelt Said —

 “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.”

Stay High,
Will talk more about it…in the next part

(and It’s gonna be In depth Like 2 Simple easy Strategies that I personally Use…)

Okaye Now Got to go,

Catch You Later


Always Yours,

Mr. Sheikh
Your Laptop Guy