Hmmm, it's true...

I don't love any kind of authority over me, specially talking with people on phone..everyday.
Which is why, for a very long time. I resisted taking any client work.

But, After getting emails and messages from people, interested in my God-daamn Copywriting skills. I realized..

I should help some people and solve their problems..

But, before you proceed,  further.  Let me tell you... One very Important Little thing...

"I am Damn Expensive."

And I hate having long conversation on phone..everyday. Nor I take every client who knocks on my door.

So, If you are somebody who wants a cheap copywriter, ( here's the
You are free to go, and hire a cheap copywriter.

In fact, I recommend you to go...and first hire some cheap copywriters, test some money on them first...

For rest, who doesn't want mediocre results-- hiring some cheap copywriters. Rather looking forward to enjoy "Exceptional Result" in their Business.

Please Skaaaate,  your greedy Eye balls below -:

Here's How I'll Fetch You More Sales and Beef Your Monthly Income Exponentially...

Persuasive Email Autoresponder Series :

First and the foremost, I know how to write emails.

It's not. I'm telling you because I want to pound my hairy chest and show YOU how smart I am.

But only because.. Of all the things I know, Writing emails,  is my super power.

Just say, I am born for this.. because if that was not the case..? You wouldn't be here reading these very words. You came to my website, clicked the link ( which I evil-ly left.)

And now here, You are. Reading these very words ( and you are still reading. Man I am GOD.)

If I was not good at this stuff. You probably would have closed the whole website

Thinking -- "What kind of boring person Mr. Sheikh is.."

So, when you are gonna read further...

Which is where, Your business will start in reality, more sales will come and you will expand rapidly...

A Word for Warning: What I am not looking for...

Do not Apply:-

  • If you don't have a budget of spending at least 5000$ or more per month.
  • If you are selling crap programs or services in your business.
  • If the program, product or services that you provide doesn't provide transformation to your clients.
  • If you don't have a sizable list
  • If you lack consistency in getting leads for your business per month
  • If your lead generation system is broken.
  • If the leads you get are not qualified and never been through any of your working sales funnel or funnels

Here's What I Want You to Do Next :

If you meet the criteria and want to talk to me personally about writing persuasive email auto-responder series for you, so you could get more sales per month. I will aside some time of mine to talk with you on this matter.

Here's how this process works :

First, You will have to "email me your name" as subject line and ---"I AM IN"----- as Your email message.

Remember, This is very necessary to send me email, following the exact instructions above. To not get your email deleted. Thinking as SPAM.

Second, you will be directed to an Application form, which you will fill and book your time with me.

(Relax, I myself don't do long, pain in the head application forms.)

Very Important: There is only 1 application allowed per business or thought leader. If you apply and decide not to commit to the phone call then you will be black listed. This is your final warning!

Here’s What Will Happen After That:

Once I have your application, I will confirm your booking time with me.

Our initial call will be between 45 and 90 minutes.

This is where we really begin working to figure out exactly what you want… and how to make it happen.

I will review your goals, your offers, lead generating process and so forth… and I’ll propose a plan to bring in money immediately.

So you literally can’t lose.


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Why you offer only email autoresponder series and Landing Pages, whereas, I want webinaar, complex social media sales funnels and VSL too ?

First, I am master at selling with email using C-86 structures ( It's an insider's knowledge, which only pro-copywriter like us know how to embedded into a copy.)

Second. How the hell can you even think, I'll handle your whole project -- VSL, webinaar rest of stuff
When there's no working history or at least a professional trust with each other.

This is why a 3 Month Autoresponder Series or at least a 30 Day Autoresponder is a must to build a certain level of trust, so we could do a whole project together in the future.


Sheikh How about If I want only Landing page and not whole email autoresponder series ??


The only reason behind I don't like writing ONLY Landing Pages for my clients if they don't get me to write their emails too, is because I don't know ---what kind of emails you are sending to your list, to drive them to some landing page.

And If emails you are sending are not "good enough". Guess what ? It doesn't matter how expensive or A-list copywriter, writes your landing page. It's not going to convert.

People won't visit your landing page through bad emails, nor they will click the buy button.


Is there any discount or some weightage or like something ?

Nopes there are no discount or negotiation what-so-ever.

Although, there is ONE ADVANTAGE for an early bird. Which is -- If they take action best before first 15 days of this month. I will write them an Extra- 15 days Autoresponder series...just to compensate them for making a quick decision.

Which I think is enough for anyone looking forward to expand his business authentically and with full honesty.

That's said. And enough....


Mr. Sheikh Abdullah

 All Fees Are full and Final. There's NO Discount or Negotiation what-so ever.

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To contact manually If button doesn't work :- mrsheikh (at) hunkstreet (dot) com