Entrepreneur are wired differently?What Gimme a break

By Mr. Sheikh Abdullah

Well yesterday,strange thing happened,

I was surfing instagram at around 2:00 AM in the morning…

You know, in search of ideas and inspiration to impose my blatant expertise on your white forehead so to speak..

And, I found a little Instagram Video snippet of a guy..Who might be around, 21 or 23 of my age..

Telling people to Drop out of College..and How The Mighty World of Entrepreneurs are wired differently…and How They are not born from Adam and Eve but rather came down on a spaceship from a very very far far land. thousand of years ago and then intercoursed with fellow humans, resultinh in super humans ready to turn this whole World upside down.. which we see daily on social media these days..

Anyways, back to the rant..

What I believe, due to constant back to back advertising of different types of Home business and movies on Entrepreneurs.

Seems like this whole world is in some kind of

“Entrepreneurial Hallucinations..”

They believe Entrepreneurship is all about brain wiring problem..

But,what I’ve learned so far. after reading all those biographies and after failing in my own very first business..that it isn’t about having different wiring rather it’s about .. knowing how to solve problems at profits…which involves salesmanship too

That’s said, this is how the way it is..End of story. Now go back to your seat…

I mean, Yes. and I’m daamn right about this thing..

true Entrepreneurs are real salesman who happens to know how to solve problems at profits …

Just look, Eleon Musk, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs.. etc etc These people solved the problem at profits..

Huge Profits..

Are they not a good salesman ??
Hell No…


They are very good salesman…this century has ever seen..
And Guess what happens…when you solve other people’s problems..?

Thewhole world runs towards YOU.

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