By Mr. Sheikh

Hellowww Hunkstreetrian

whats the hell up boy !

Yesterday, I thought of adding not to throw up more moolaahs against wall..

So, I added a little bit of funnel inside my hot ugly website on the entire internet ..
Yes it is ugly.. ( But don’t throw up on your mobile)

Anyways, Today when Your frat boy was surfing the internet, listening Lush life by zara lesson…
“no tricks no bluffs.  I am better without handcuffs”

back to the rant….
something really caught my eyes..while shaking my ears..

It was about Google home speaker and the kind of magic sheth  can do ..

At first,

I was like what .. are you serious ?

but then I read about her..

which was kinda-bit-interesting, but also harmful to ponder upon the future.

Actually in the near future, Technology like, Google Home Speaker WILL REPLACE SO MANY JOBS.

Many many people are going to loose their jobs and will go unemployed ( It’s still happening right now, Uber invested 19 billion $ in driver less cars..)

But you and I are secure, coz we got a business.

We can print and can turn our future by our own hand. There’s no one, telling us what to do and how to do…( right ..?)


In the very near future, technology not only going to suck people with jobs but also people with Biz-ness, who don’t have moolaahs to afford these technological services.. because it has became “a necessity” ( just look how Internet and social media dominated in such a short span)

And the only way to cop up with these type of EVIL TECHNOLOGY is to increase your income and get more sales..
There are no..other possible ways ( Do you think I am dumb posting such great content on here..)

I’ve seen the future and most entrepreneurs who keep their ears and eyes will Win..

…Rest who don’t will suffer.

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