How to Build Email List from ground zero

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Before. I share some profound strategy to build your email list like VERY FAST {even if you’re at ground zero}…

Here’s something I got my eyes on youtube 23 sec ago.

A goo-rooe teaching, some terrible way to sell products online . Aint gonna name “him” . But,

This Guru was actually telling how you can make moolah by promoting clickbank products “Without” having a website.

Now the guru shot up some really terrific information in the video, which can only lure newbies or those who got shiny objects.

But listen up,

I don’t know. when Youtube is gonna block these fakeprenuers –“SELF PROCLAIMED GURUS” and take down their videos.

because the stuff,he was sharing got a big GIANT hole. In it.

This is why, you need to pay attention here, And be serious. when it comes to the game of business especially. when you are building your email list.

Your first job is to give 100 possible reason to these freebee hunters-medicority mind, money-cravers, silver syndrome pricks…. NOT-to get on your list.

They are gonna suck up your energy like a giant HORRIBLE vacuum .


You will make more money by having only 50 people on your email list, Who read your stuff daily, take the action and even buy product you recommend. Than having these 1000 energy suckers.

And believe me, If these freebeee hunters got on your email list. even by accident..they(*freebees hunters) are REALLY gonna bitch abut you on reddit

Why ?

Because they are looking for fast way to become rich.

They wanna be rich like next morning.

Yeah “moolaah mooolah everywhere !!!”


These freebee hunters, — actually play in a very different state of mind. where people like you and me won’t… even breathe properly.

They think they can become rich by without investing in their knowledge.

So, while building your email list—you got to make, a little difficult for people to opt-in.

You got to throw-up a challenge. because it qualifies your visitors .
And now. as you have qualified your visitor?

It’s time, to build your email list ….


How to Build Your Email-List by Leveraging Goo-roes [part -2]


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