How to Connect and AVADA KEDAAVRA #Influencers ?

How to Connect and AVADA KEDAAVRA #Influencers ?

AAAAA Connect with Mae baby !
AAAAA Connect with Mae baby !

Dear Hunkstreetian, 

Time: 3:48 AM

Hey , Day before Yesterday.. Night something very cool and funny thing happened.. Got to share.. with you..

So You know Your frat boy Sheikh Abdullah.. is a choch shares marketing and biz trolls.. on the internet.. was feeling very low.. . like REAL LOW 😐

And so.. I was social hacking facebook groups.. (You dont know social hacking? email me..Will Explain you in a Single Line) .

But nothing was, really lingering in the mind of “Your Conjuring Series Lover..” (Meee)

Then a guy named Bryan Spector dropped a comment..
(Yes that old same GUY with a stupid MTV logo on his facebook cover) dropped in a comment.. .

Telling me.., “My Status Sucks..”



We were like banging each other on comments.. like two infuriated BULLS

Ready to Crush Each other… First It happened on my status.. .

And then I.

visited his profile status.. and started “Avada Kedavering” him on HIS —.. status comment section.. Bryan Spector

I was so pissed.. at him.. and was ready to destroy him at every way possible.. but ended up having a FRIEND SHIP with himm lolzz

(Theres a lesson How I did this.And You can do tooo with “ANY” Influencer )

But to Do this You got to learn something from the field of Hypnosis..and Conversation pattern..

Ya Like Its A SEX between Conversational Pattern and Hypnosis training that, helps building connection a.
Lot FASTER than Never Before..and some REALLY pretty cool shit too..

Take a Look > SEE HERE
This stuff is actually By a Master Hypnosists Steven Pelari.. Pretty Kool dude..even giving FREE Bonusessss… Away ..

Show Me


Always Yours,

Sheikh Abdullah
(The Influencer’s Friend)

P.S. By the way,  I’m really looking forward to pretty use, Facebook to build my business online in a more strategic way. After watching these influencer how they are REALLY picking up clients and printing MOOLAHS out of thin air.. My Mind is really running like a horse..

Will Talk about it .. in the next post..Now Sleep !

Its 3:57 AM here…now 3:58 AM

But You go and Take a look here to know— whats this Fuss is ALL ABOUT !!


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