I hate You (Like I Love You ) — The Lesson

Bollywood is full of Draama !
Bollywood is full of Draama !

Dear Hunkstreetian,

Its 10:09 AM


Getting ready to do some family business typo thing, Anyways..Lemme tell you, what happened last night.

I had this notion of watching this bollywood movie —DELHI BELLY from a very long time.. Yesterday I fulfilled that wish ..(watched the whole movie to its end yes, even the song at the end)

The movie Opens up — by a 3 youths– sleeping like hibernated pigs (I don’t know whether Pigs hibernate or not ..or Its just found in bears. I just typed on coz it feels so gud sayin’ this way )

They were lazy, sleepy..were somehow drifting their life around living paycheck to paycheck..

Their boss SUCK. The Girlfriend was a control freak..(Tarun’s girl friend) and The third fat guy– got some really digestion poisoning in the whole movie.

And so, they were ,just passing their life in unsung dogma and corporate slavery

But the movie heats up, when they-some how messed up, in delivering the package to the wrong address.. which actually got DIAMONDS in it.. Their life, turned upsile down..!!


The long hair douche-bag –The smuggler. Crap the hell out of them,

From Guns to Gals, The movie was terrific. The hidden Secret —

Okaye,  lets come to the hidden plot, I was bitching about — couple of seconds ago..

That Hidden secret behind tis movie that nobody saw  — is the “connection”

The director, Cleverly connects — “Their” LIFE . The life of those three hibernated pigs with our life. ( living paycheck to paycheck, controlling girlfriend. Late Rent. Dumb Landlord..)

And this exactly  what, Intelligent marketers do– they connect their story with the story of their audience. And then — they add some draama into it, resulting in —

Their Audience starts feeling — THEY ARE IN THE STORY ITSELF. And this why story telling is the most lucrative industry. and Most high money generating field.

All you need to do is tell a story, and that connects with your audience..

And this is where comes my sales pitch —

Listen up: You wont be able to connect with people, with your audience.  WHY ?

Coz, First..You got to learn the psychology of human mind, How it thinks, behave and respond..

This actually explained a lot way better in the field of hypnosis than BRAIN SCIENCE CHANNEL

Take a look —  


Always Yours,

Sheikh Abdullah
(The Word Swinger)

P.S. Hey do you know there’s a way, you can save your mobile devices from getting extreme heating ?

Actually I learned this from a. computer guy who was  an insider in this industry here.. and He told me that — If they start telling this secret to everyone, They will go out of business.

And this is why—they don’t tell anyone, and when the prospects comes with their corrupt device – these cleverrious rabbits charge hundred and thousands of money to fix them.

Will talk more, in depth about it.. in the next blog post !

The Link —