Mind-Light Bulbs Going On and OFF !

Mighty-mind-Light Bulbs Going On and OFF !

Hmm That's Interesting
Hmm That’s Interesting…

Dear Hunkstreetian,

Time : 4:14 AM


Yes, I KNOW,  its super early in the morning but.  Don’t take this  — “I was sleeping whole night ..”


I am so pump. that was up whole night , watching trends, and seeing what and how people are posting stuff on social media.
And Yeah also pissing someone off…

Because I found, the way he was pitching on social media wasn’t….THHAAAAAT  good.

So I blatantly left a comment — “its not good”

Resulted in stream of his friends to — “mind my own business.”

( How can I mind my own Biz,  If such crappy sales pitch keeps bothering me huhhh ??)

I love when somebody pitches me. I cud see the knowledge and the commitment they have for their business.

Anyways, leave them. May He get his help from high heavens

Lets disclose, what this fuss is REALLY all about —??

So, hmm thinking, Okaye..

There are only two ways, that I’ve seen most influencer are making..

No, its not through launching their OWN products,

No, its not from sponsoring ice-cream from xyz shop or 459 Mom and pop store..

And No Its not By giving shout-outs on social media..

(although you can make hell of money from shout-outs. If ONLY you somehow manage getting 20 Million ENGAGED followers, but thats a different story)

I am talking about people who are just normal just … like YOU and MAE !

People who wake up, brush their teeth, eat pancakes, fried egss. And then, Thank Lord for every little thing they have been blessed by..

People who got themselves turned into an influencer. with 500  to 2000 followers

Is either

–> by exchanging their expertise

–> By using their expertise and SELLING other people products.

No, I am not talking about,
Posing your pic or cranking a facebook update something like —

“had a crushy breakfast from xyz resturant”


I am talking about like REALLY Selling Other People products.



Yes, Affiliate marketing is not new. In offline world is called Retail. In online world, its called “Affiliate”

But in order to reach that level, of complexity and finally “sell” something. You got to know, how to CONNECT DEEPLY with people. AND how to PERSUADE Them to buy your stuff..

And this where comes my sales pitch —

Here’s take a look 



Always Yours,

Mr. Sheikh Abdullah
(The Night-Oil Burner)


P.S. Listen Up I wud have created my own products on this matter


Why shud I create something, when there’s somebody out there… already worked his ASS OFF ! with a prooven record, manufactured a product and givin’ even a 60 dayz money back guarantee on it ?

huhhh ?

Get on it, before I start promoting something else AND Literally Remove this LINK


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