Newbie Leader Sends Weird Sales Pitch

Time: 3:25 PM
Date: 23 May 2019

By Mr. Sheikh Abdullah

Hey Man. You gotta watch this movie.

“Forever my girl.” 

Its a nice movie and , I get speech less every-time I watch this up.

The songs are nice. the timeline is cool. Story Emotional. Overall Masterpiece.


Let’s discuss a weird sales pitch, I got from a newbie leader today out of the blue —

Here it is —

“Would You be interested in doing a quick call with me to learn how you can scale your business organically”

Now, first — ( okay I am going to be “mean” here. But If you are somebody who sends this kinda message. Just don’t read) —  problem with this,pitch. And please pitching isn’t the right way to sell stuff online

I’m tellin’ ya.

It looks very unprofessional.Dumb. I have tested this many times and it projects neediness.

The problem with this pitch is that the one who sent me, is —LAZY.

I can clearly see. this newbie leader didn’t done his homework. I mean he didn’t even tried to first discover whether I’m really Interested in this particular service or not !

Listen Up — The only way you can, be able to close or sell something to anyone, is WHEN you know what other party wants and How they can get it following the shortest path possible. !

 You need to first discover their needs and desires very strategically.

There’s a simple step by step process (actually I learned this process while observing a social experiment on YouTube) which you can use instantly to figure out,  what other party wants and need.

Which is what,  I am disclosing in this may issue of VIP reports.

If you are someone, Involved in sales and sell bunch of cool stuff online but having a hard time these days ?

You got to see this before calendar hits 31st May 2019

See full details Here

P.S. Tic Toc Tic Toc. Hey I know. Procrastination is awesome. But She is a bitch too. So, Don’t let her screw this issue. Get on it before the deadline  31st May 2019

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