Shame-Less PURPLE board In My Sister’s High School

Time: 12:49 PM
Date: 22 May 2019
By Mr. Sheikh Abdullah

This School board.
What a waste ! of space and opportunity.

Yesterday, I ttook my sister back to her high school.

As it was, the last day of her to collect reports cards, her transfer certificate and some other various papers.

She scored 94% in her intermediate exams. Yeah A moment of proud.

What about the Purple board –?

So, I parked my two wheeler, beside the entrance gate of school entrance.My sister entered in her school as to collect her mark sheets.

While I was waiting outside with a plugged earphone to my ears.

Man — she took so long, to come out — I was thinking what the fuss this all about.

So I started roaming, from left to right, listening my audio book.While she took so long to come out.

So, as I told you, that I was roaming from left to right. Waiting desperately for to come out.

And Just where, I saw a purple board at the top right of the entrance gate,The purple road was about some invitation for community for carmelite.

“They waste the space”

The board was not in the right position.

And I bet only few were able to see it.Including me.

Missed customers !

Imagine, How may students would have taken up to join the community ONLY if they had placed this board some where else.

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