Terrifying “Rookie” Video Drama on Facebook

Time: 9:10 PM
Date: 24 May 2019

By Mr. Sheikh Abdullah

And this Bullshit Keeps On.

I’ve been seeing this, stuff on a facebook..for a quiet while sometime Now..

And I think it’s very Important, to share with ya..

Here it is..

Rookie gets in the X-Purt Cloths.

Rookie Starts posting Random Dumb Questions. (Even, Troll Master, Ken M cannot figure out)

Rookie Goes LIVE on facebook..and becomes — > “DRAAMA QUEEN”

People like his status..

Rookie sleeps peacefully coz people liked his status..

But..Where’s the MONIEE? Dude.. 🤔

What the hell this been going on facebook ?

Listen Up – If people are not buying your stuff (If you use fakeebook for Biz purpose)

Then, there’s a flaw in your business model. that’s it..Nothin’ else.

Your purpose to drive “Engagement” is useless..if Green Moolahs aren’t comming in.

Your first goal should always be is.. to build your list. And to build your list.And to build your email list..

Going live on facebook’s cool..

People commenting on it cool.. No Problemo

Everything’s cool..

But You got to turn them into *customers.

This is where, Your business will explode like. crazy !.

And personally, I feel, If you aren’t selling somwthing to YOUR Audience.

Then — “You are doing A Deservice to them..”

Yes.. 😐

But what If …you do got a list AND

People ARE joining it.., But they aren’t buying anything from you..?

This is where, Most People get stuck.. (Don’t they?)

This is what,

I’m revealing in this Month’s Issue of My VIP report..(Join Today)

A simple 3 step process, using which you will be able to sell and impact your list…in a no-brainer, non-salesy, non-pushy way

as, simple as.. licking a chocoalte baar.

Its a psychological tactic, I picked up.. while watching some social experiment video, bunch of guys were doing.. for their YouTube channel

Simply go here…


P.S. Get on …before 31st May 2019

Once the Date hits the Calendar,

THIS issue will be long gone from grip of Your Hands..

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