The Bloody Age of Seduction Marketing

3 Sept 2019
By Mr. Sheikh Abdullah

I am done, with facebook..
After hell lot a testing and overseeing stupidity, of bunch of people tryin’ to be expert, and then targeting newbies who’re looking nothing but just for More Free stuff,

I decided, I am gonna leave this stupid blue Lizard man’s website…

( Okaye , I am little over exaggerating it..)

But, all these didn’t happen, if only that girl didn’t moan or bitched about, some clients who just passed some comment on her mini skirt..

And don’t you dare you ask me, — how she told about this all …

Man. She does a Facebook Live for this… haha Lolzz…

I mean this drama queen I am not gonna name her..
Moan like CRAZY on facebook live, about how she’s made fun of, when she delivered some speech after  wearing some single piece of dress….by handful of people..

And, all this you know. Trying to play a victim game ( as girls always do…) So Only She Could get More Sales..

But, that’s NOT THE Funny part, that she ranted all this on her Facebook live… Rather what funny was – seeing bunch of bozos ( I am talking about MEN) commenting on here facebook live and acting like — they have faced all this situation in their own lives..
And were sending ha ha ha

And were Literally, sending crying emoji on up there… I saw, all that… I was amazed and stunned —

Laughed the hell out- –
“Like what the hell is this hapeening on here”

I mean, yeah I got it — girls they whine and cry a lot to get attention..( not in a disrespectful way. It’s in their nature. ladies proove me wrong If you can.)

But Men of this Lola century.
What the hell you wine for and bitched for…
which actually makes me wonder why . Why these days. this generation is a Snowflake generation…

Super Snow flakes ( Actually I heard this word from Dan Pena the 50 Billion Dollar man )

But You got to see how, those snow flakes were commenting.

One of them even sent her — Saying

“ohh You are so beautiful.How come your face looks so white.”

Which made me wonder – Is this Guy really hitting her on facebook LIVE… or Is this snowflake really interested to know how to make his skin go MORE WHITE so he could seduced more girls or may be even boys
(I mean who knows)

ha ha

Now Okaye, Now all this rant, was for your greedy old heart..

For the part of your bank account and increasing your online sales..

Here’s my url to get your hands live on…

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