The Game Of Sapply and Demaand !?#

The Game Of Sapply and Demaand !?#

Time: 1:29 AM

Dear Friend, 

Back in the days, of My schooling,.

I was a dumb little doochebag who pissed so many teachers. I mean no matter how hard they try — I just don’t study.

Even my mother got fed-up with me, and left the responsibility to  make me-prepare for the  exam from 6th grade.

So she left and said — “Now it’s time you Yourself prepare for your exams… ”

Yeah, time to be A Man!!

It was one of the most few Joyful moments of my life.

I felt like,  I am the king of My Own Jungle — As If I am Dumbeldore of Thor of Asguard ..Asgaard** And I remember, I didn’t open a single book untill my half-yearlies.

Yes,  that takes lot of guts.. when you try to cope up with every, student every teachet.. even with my parents. Who were worried that what’s gonna happen If I got Fail ?

Listen : I understand I was douchebag ( I am a douchebad evn now** Ywaah How Weird is that) But, the only reason,  why I didn’t paid attention to ma schul studies is only due to Supply And Demand..

There was hell lot of supply of From My teachers to make me STUDY.. But there was no demand from my side.

And this is what Most entrepreneurs , crack up in their business.

This Law of Supply and Demand Work in all phases of our life.

From Relationship to Business.  Everywhere.

You need to understand — Where is supply and where is demand.

You need to find, does marketplace really gives a damn about the supply you are giving ..


It’s Bullshit, If your customers are asking you to give them X.

While You are like — “Hell No I am gonna give you Y”


You see,  theres no connection. between Your Products and the Demand your end consumer has.

And the only way,  You are able to find out, when You know how to connect with people and talk with them. Yes,  I am Talking about Market Research.


Finding How many people search “Wine” on Google is not a market research. Because you dont know how many are BUYERS among  them.

You got to find How Many People are Actually wanna BUY Your Product…

Anyways,  Got to go now,



Always Yours,
Mr. Sheikh
(The Teacher’s Headache)


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