The Mexican – German Hybrid hypnotizing campus girls

Time: 10:42 PM
Date : – 5/20/2019

So, I  was watching these really cool, honest to god,  YouTube videos ( a tool of refreshment.) that I think every business owner should watch.At least once in a lifetime.

And when You are my subscriber and got some online business, and If I tell you something to watch — Man you got to be freakin’ nuts to let that pass by.

Now, here’s what tis video was all about — Tis guy who looks like some smooth mexicano -german- america hybrid was tryin’  some social experiment sorta. ( Hey I know I’m being mean here but, he looks like a german – american – hybrid though)


So, What he does is , he just go to girls in a college campus, do some kinda – weird shit. and then get out with full fudge phone numbers on his phone.

Leaving girls behind completely hypnotized, like totally stunned at what just happened.

The other guy (one of his friend) recording this whole stuff,  very secretly on his mobile a far distance enough not to get caught.

You know, at first I thought —
Woaah that’s a good way to ask numbers and become friends. ( You don’t know what happened.)

So, I kept on watching. You know how youtube keeps one recommending new videos similar to the previous. one/

So, after,like watching 20 to 25 videos. ( Yeaah I was hooked)
My eyes just lite up wide open.

Something just clicked-in deep mind of your frat boy !!!!

Actually, There was a hell lot of deep shit going on which you don’t get to see on camera.

Oh yeaah,

I don’t know about this guy whether he is doing unconsciously or deliberately consciously.

But, I just picked — some few awesome persuasion, salesy or the art of influence notes while watching these videos ( and I’m still looking at these rough notes right now)..that I’m going to use in order to refine my marketing more.

And these notes, you aren’t gonna find anywhere else.

There’s a whole lot of psychology buried deep into their videos, which are totally unseen to the naked eye.

A really cool persuasion tactic. That even; you, even you can use to build trust with your target audience and also to sell or close them something. Or worse,  Get their “YESS SES” to your whatever weird request you have.

Which is what I’m gonna throw up — full notes and with the properly taken snaps with the links of youtube video —- in this monthly issue of my VIP reports and I’ m going to reveal it all.

If you would like to grab your hands on my notes go here..

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