The Sleazy way to Manipulate people

Time – 3:04 AM

By Sheikh Abdullah

The Day I wasn’t Invited …
I remember the day, My batch mates were planning, to host a fresher’s party for our juniors.

And are also planning to not invite me. all this under my cute little nose.

And So, I acted as If. I just don’t know anything from day 1 just to see in case what happens next…so yeah they bang a little party and, I was not there..
But, Something weird happened that day that openned the new possibilities for me..

On that day, I realised.  I’m top of my game.

My batch mates, see me as a threat not because I am some evil lair riding a bunch of gangbangs in college..but because It was hard to control me. Or In simple words, these bozos fear their power, there dominion will die over juniors…

much worse I can take away all the power from them.. in a snap.

( If you Ever stuck into some negotiation, where you ended up paying more price than you thought..coz the other party dominated you and got some power upon you..this happens in sports,, then you know what I mean)

And as you know people who are misunderstood or are uncontrolbbale are seen as threat. and feared. ts a basic human psychology..

Okaye back to the graduation story.

So They thought, By not inviting me, They are doing this favour upon themselves…bu boycotting me.

haha lolzz

It’s was actually their favour upon I.

They don’t know I just hate around being people. It just drains up my energy.

The only party i was available to which, I hosted myself —“farewell to MY seniors batch mates.”

Only because — I got friends among them. And I just wanted it to make this day MEMORABLE and wave a last goodbye…
( yeah I am nice,. But beware not to nice..)

And this is why, by third year of my glorious farewell party hosted by my juniors…and some other function that were hosted by my mighty college..

I was the only person who was’nt up there.COMPLETE ABSENT.

Even after getting invited many times…till this date.

Now,– why the hell I am ranting about all this adventurous tales of mine here.. ?

Because It’s something, If you use and apply in your business. It makes you unstoppable.. People who hate you.. will start doing what YOU want them to do..

Not what THEY should do.

It was for not getting invited ( as I hate around being people It sucks my energy . I am an introvert)

They will be manipulated by YOU.. like “Annabelle string dolls”

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