Throwing Moolahs In the Water ! Splash Splash Splash

Dear Hunkstreetian,

Time: 11:37 PM

Before, I lost myself in studying my marketing notes, as my daily routine..

( I’m enjoying my Ice cream right now, Mango zap Kwality walls. its awesomely-gud you. shud try at least  once. its so juiiicyyyy)

I wud like to share with you something, that I’m seeing from last 4 months now regarding facebook groups.. Actually, I just got, myself into various fb group..some of which I was personally invited for  and some I joined at my own will–

So, I was “okay” hitted –“join the group” — filled the three questions. as most group got on it. and BAAAM, was approved..after 3 hours

“lets peek what’s going inside ….hhere romey !”

Taking Instant Action and quick decision never bothered your frat boy!

But, I was pissed, annoyed and got little bit upset —- with-in. very first three seconds, of joining these groups

Thesssse admins are doing and committing the very same mistake.. like majorities of online biz onwers do ; Their stuff is boring as hell if I’m stuck-into some ancient LIBRARY of Galacta Planet.. RAN by some, big head boring  Corporate-ALIENSSS..


With their EVIL plan – Brainwashme – and turn me into. a CYBORG !


And worst, Admin was himself, not interacting with post, made. by his, group members.

What’s going in here??

STOP this for a minute.

I didn’t join your lift my lazzy ass and fill myself with corporate jargons…. I was here to make friends.. you know –“learn some shits..”  read cool stuffs, troll some people with GIF’s..

Make friends and tease others, when admins,  hit up his first comment on MY posts..

(Effewww, looubns my ice cream bar is about to end. )

By the way, this is what – most people are doing.. wrong with social media posts and in cranking email game.

They bore, the crap out of their audience!

And this is why, they are always in the hunt for new people, new subscribers..They keep on bringing new people aboard while, their old people keep turning away !


You don’t believe me, Just sit back and see how their engagement trajectory-goes down ..after an interval of some time. You will understand..



Always Yours,
Sheikh Abdullah
(The Ice Cream Licker)


P.S. If you are a coach or consultant or in some service based business or in any biz that create written stuff  bla bla bal?

If you aren’t starting your own- fb group or an email newsletter for some interested audience..?? to create more good will with people. who may buy your stuff or hire your high-ticket service (not today but within Next 60 to 90 dayz ?) —

You’re throwing mooolahs in the  [email protected]#  Coz, there’ll always be some people in the market place… that will first buy your 45$ product before ,Investing their 3000$  in your service..


P.P.S. DO You know what it takes, typing, this all stuff using only one hand..while you are busy holding-licking icecream, with other hand ?


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